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Dr. Marc Bürgi is an independent Professional Coach for executives, leaders, teams, and talents with 20+ years of experience. He is a trained adult educator, solution focused coach and systemic practitioner, with a background in people and organizational development. Marc is a trusted partner for international corporations, national SMEs, start-ups, NGOs and governmental organizations.


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Marc Buergi As a Person

Marc is married, father of two children and he takes an active role in the family life. He travelled Europe, South America, India, Australia, Thailand, and Laos, and trained as an assistant scuba diving instructor. As a former track and field athlete he still enjoys outdoor sports. You would meet him near a lake for watersports, on skis in the Alps, or on his mountain bike in the nearby woods. Marc recharges his energies while meditating.

My very first job application was declined. I asked to earn some money during summer break in the local chocolate factory but was assessed to be at least a couple of years too young. Later I had jobs such as dishwasher in the canteen of my high school, truck driver for medical goods transportation or as stage entrance security personnel for DJ Bobo.

While studying at the University of Berne with the focus on Human Resources & Organisations and Information Systems, I was able to work part-time for the Swiss Federal IT-Services as a Controller. This was followed by projects at Swisscom, lecturing at the University of Berne and a training to become an adult educator. Later I worked as a teacher for young adults at a vocational school for retail, consulted with hospitals on complexity in health care and managed a master’s degree in Business Innovation at the University of St.Gallen as its executive director, where I also earned my PhD about systems approaches in management.

As a Human Resources and People Development Business Partner, I coached and consulted for international corporations, small and medium enterprises, and start-ups. After further training and certification as a professional coach with the International Coaching Federation, I opened my own coaching business for leaders, teams, and talents, where I am honored to work with hundreds of talented leaders every year.

I like active sports such as jogging, skiing or windsurfing. My favorite is mountain biking in our hills which are an extension of the Swiss Jura. I like to climb as steep as possible to then drop into short and technical descents, sometimes in the dark at night with the use of flashlights. If there are some fallen trees to jump over and some leaves, snow, or mud to drift on, even better. I admire the magical moments when encountering wild beasts such as squirrels, deer, or rabbits which only can be seen at certain times in the day. By now I also fix mechanical issues on my bikes, and I find it very satisfying whenever I can resolve some technical challenges.

To be able to organise our family duties and both our careers equally together with my wife is an accomplishment. On my trips abroad in Europe, Thailand, Laos, Australia, India or South America I was able to gather many valuable experiences. Some examples are a meditation retreat at the foot of the Himalayas under the strict rules of Buddhist monks, a social traineeship for children in an Indian slum, or scuba dive safaris at the Great Barrier Reef, the Galapagos or Lakshadweeps.

On the contrary, I also encountered setbacks, defeat and limitations in different forms. As a sports athlete, having great results in the qualifications and investing into a rigorous training routine, I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t able to deliver my performance in the finals. Looking back I also recall several important moments while being coached on my studies, career and personal questions, when before I was stuck and didn’t know how to continue.

My local favourite would be Spaghetti Pomodoro, I have to mention that for my two kids: Spaghetti time is a good time! And my global favourite would be Butter Paneer Masala, a dish made of cottage cheese, which I learned to love during a social traineeship in the south of India.  And if it might be even more exquisite I would go for an Indian thali or plate meal, with a variety of vegetable curries, pickles, chutney, sambar, dal, different variations of rice and flat bread – a buffet, so to say, of a variety of dishes served on a stainless steel plate. And to finish all up a Laddu, a sweet ball to make it all round.


Purposeful  Projects

Support in the order of about 10% of annual revenues by means of sponsoring, hands-on assignments, and pro bono coaching.
Jugi Breite

The youth sports club offers an opportunity to primary school children to be physically active and learn social skills in the group. The children practice towards events and competitions in disciplines such as gymnastics, dance, track and field, netball or floorball. The vision is that every child should have a chance to exercise independent of their background, whereas performance or winning is just a bonus.


ProjectTogether is a nonprofit organisation. As a platform for innovations, ProjectTogehter supports talents of the next generation to generate groundbreaking ideas and practical solutions for sustainable change towards a future, where society, economy and politics are supportive of each other.


A CoachHub initiative to support and strengthen members of different aid organisations who work under extraordinary pressure in times of crisis by means of pro bono coaching.


CHORD’s mission is to eliminate child labour and to protect children by means of granting every child access to school education as their fundamental right. Furthermore, CHORD enables vocational trainings and self-help groups for women.

Oikos International

Oikos is a student-driven non-profit organisation for sustainability in economics and management, founded at the University of St.Gallen. The mission is to transform economics and management education by raising awareness and empowering student change agents for sustainable solutions.

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